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About us

What we do
High Impact Advertising is focused on helping our clients increase brand awareness, customer traffic and sales. Our unique offering of high quality custom printed flags, flag poles, banners, canopy tents, trade show displays (and more) allows our clients to reach a whole new level of marketing success. We love to see our customers experience huge successes after deploying and installing our products and solutions. When it comes to our indoor and outdoor marketing products, we handle everything from graphic design, to production, to fulfillment, warehousing, and installations.


How we do it
We take care of our customers, both large and small, with personalized "boutique-style" customer service. We take the time to discuss your specific needs and goals. Then, we can offer you the best solutions for your particular situation and you can make an informed decision on how to move ahead with your project. Above all, we operate our business under "The Golden Rule": Do unto others as you would have done to you – Matthew 7:12. Whether you represent a Fortune 500 company or a small family owned business, we are always focused on helping you succeed. You have our commitment that we will always provide you with great customer service, the highest quality products and fantastic prices.


Local Commitment to People in Our Community
In addition to our business endeavors, we also have a passion for serving other people in need. After all, when we think about the legacy we are leaving during our time here on Earth, we will be most remembered by the impact we had on other people and not on the success of our company. So in our local community, we are actively involved in local ministries that are focused on strengthening families and helping to mentor youth and young adults of all ages. We are also involved in coaching youth sports teams and volunteer work with organizations that care for the homeless and young families living in poverty. It is our hope that the people within our circle of influence will grow up to be leaders within their own families, work locations and in their local communities.


Global Commitment to People Everywhere
We are also engaged in helping to serve the critical needs of people trying to survive in impoverished countries around the world. Compared to millions of people in third world countries, those of us in America are blessed beyond comprehension. Over 26,000 children die every day around the world from starvation or preventable diseases. Instead of only donating money to sponsor a child or for humanitarian relief, we have decided to go and help these people personally. So, we have traveled to countries like Haiti and we've seen these conditions up close. These people are desperate for help and we are determined to do what we can to raise awareness and give them assistance. As one of the original founders, we launched a non-profit organization called Acts 2 Help Others (www.Acts2HelpOthers.org). Through Acts2HelpOthers, we have teamed up with several humanitarian relief organizations providing essential life supporting resources like solar powered water purification systems (www.Hayspurewaterforallfoundation.com), highly nutritious food (www.KidsAgainstHunger.com), baby formula (www.FormulaOneLife.org), soap (www.CleanTheWorld.org) and shelter. These organizations have literally saved countless lives and we consider it an honor and a privilege to work along side them. During a recent trip to Haiti, we trained local leaders in cholera-infected areas on how to purify their water and gave them enough water purification units to take care of over 500,000 people. All total, over 600 water purification units have been distributed in Haiti since the earthquake in January 2010, enough to purify water for 3 million people! Our ultimate goal is to help play a small part in reaching future leaders of these countries by giving them hope for a brighter future, so that they will some day lead their own country out of poverty. We encourage you to contact us if you are interested in learning more about these efforts and how you might be able to join us. Call Jeff Melnick directly at 321-246-5301 for more information.