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Solutions for Restaurants

Restaurants all over the nation use flags from High Impact Advertising.  And nothing works better than our Amazing Flag Kits to capture attention and drive customers through your door.    

A few leading restaurant brands have used our solid color flags to get maximum visibility and a very affordable price point.  See our flags below installed at a Taco Bell and Long John Silvers location.

Our Advertising Display Flags are also a great choice.  In this case, McDonalds used a Teardrop shape flag to communicate they were open during renovations.  These flags are great to have during grand openings, special promotions and new product roll-outs.

In this example, Burger King wanted us to combine our solid color panels with their logo positioned in the middle.  The result blew them away.  The perfect blend of vivid colors, wild movement, brand awareness and all-weather durability.